Name Oliver Brown, PhD
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Designation Statistics Expert
Experience 23+ Years
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My Experience.

6, Jun 2016

Masters Degree in Statistics

Stanford University

Experienced Math and Statistics Tutor, Assignment expert in Advanced or graduate-level statistics, Statistical modeling and data analysis.

8, Nov 2013

Diploma of Data Analytics

Stanford University

M.S. Data Analytics, strong foundation in mathematical, statistical, & computational and advanced scientific programming skills as well as assisting projects.

2, Sep 2006


Town send Harris High School , Newyork

This is the place where foundation stone of my research instincts developed. It helped students to nurture themselves in various fields, where I chose statistics as my career..

Oliver’s web private limited.

Currently working as a director

I take care of statistical department of my firm. Working towards college statistical help forum I created this unit so that students have easy approach towards their assignments.

Past Experience

Senior academic head from 2006 -2013

Teaching statistics and mathematics as well as assisting projects and assignments forum. Creating an environment suitable for lucrative study of the subject.

Proctor, Statistics Department

2000 – 2006, Senior Tutor

Being a proctor I had responsibility of the examination department along with teaching statistics and mathematics. To make learning easy was the foremost aim of my job profile.

About Me.

Hi, I am Oliver Brown my students prefer calling me Mr. Dynamic as I believe in innovation and expect the same from my students. I am originally from Tennessee and groomed in Cornell University. 17 years of hardcore experience in statistics. Check out my Skills

initiated my instincts to become more available to students fraternity in form of college statistics help. Education has been a blessing to me and I want to pass it on to the society in a way by creating a statistics help forum, where students can find statistics teacher near them and get online statistics help.

My Services.

If you need help with your Statistics assignment or Project, then you've come to the right place. My prime purpose here is to provide top quality Statistics answers and help solve your problems.
From me you will receive courteous, prompt service with quality statistics help.
If you have Statistics problems with even with a short deadline in your statisticsassignment or project, then don't hesitate to contact me.
I do meet your deadlines
Solutions provided by me is always up to the mark with quality work
Why wait then? Email me your Statistics problems right now and receive complete solutions.

I am currently assisting almost on all statistics topics for all academic levels including statistical analysis help in various statistics software like EXCEL, MATLAB, MINITAB, SPSS, SAS, R, STATA, E-VIEWS, GRETL etc.

Comprehensive Statistical Data Reporting

Best Practices in Statistical Analysis Software

Data, Outputs and Software Codes Statistical solutions

Excellent Grade Assurance On Any Statistics Syllabus

100% Plagiarism-Free Solutions and Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guaranteed High Quality Statistical Analysis Reports

My Portfolio.

"Satisfaction and trust are my Moto. Rush hour work or excellence seeking project I have the best experience which aims towards college statistics help"

It all happened a few years back when I was providing statistical help for students in form of statistical problem solver for SPSS, Stata, Minitab, NCSS, SAS, XLSTAT, ADaMSoft, ABMB, Chronux, DAP, GNU Octave, JASP, LIBSVM, Orange, Open BUGS, Ploticus, PSPP, ROOT, SOCR

Why Me?
There are hundreds and thousands of websites assuring you a good work then what is so significant about me that I seek your attention?
Well, it’s my love for my profession and dedication towards my love.
Yes, you catch it right. Statistics flows, in my blood. 17 years of hardcore experience captures 6 years as a college professor where I the got the opportunity to understand my Students and create easy work structure for them. The most dignified experience came my way when I went online and established myself as a statistics problem solver where I provide statistics help for students. My statistics help forum is equipped with all major topics and software that can be worked upon and statistics help chat section is especially enabled to consider an instant approach to it.

I can help you with…
Being a teacher by profession I believe that a student should feel free and ask any of his difficulties from his mentor, guide, and teacher. It is also important that teacher should not hesitate in solving a student’s problem. I consider myself lucky enough that my students open up with me very easily and am able to ask as many questions they feel like.

College Statistics Help

College statistics help provided by me not only will clear your concept but will gather you the confidence to chase other problems and complexities of the subject. It will help you to excel in your College examination and assignments. I provide the vast range of Statistical online help, all you need to do is search for your subject or just mail me your context.

Major topics and subjects I deal with are: Fubini theorem, Stieltjes integral, Fourier transform, Product spaces, Random Variables, Expectation, Jacobian formula, Measurability, Differentiation, Gaussian measure

Some other topics of your interest are:
Point estimation and the properties of point estimators, Random variables and probability distributions, Bivariate Probability Distributions, Discrete parametric probability distributions, Continuous parametric probability distributions, Testing goodness of fit, Testing goodness of fit: contingency tables, Bivariate linear regression and correlation, Sampling and the sampling distribution of a statistic, The chi-square, student's t, and Snedecor's F distributions
I don’t just limit to these topics and can give statistical assignment help in other topics as well. Whatever may be your statistical homework or project you can count on me the in any regard. May it is in reference to any book, journal, article or Sophisticated Statistical Software, I am here to provide you any kind of college statistical help.

Approaching Me
Approaching me is as easy as t texting your best friend. I am u usually available 24 x 7 at my website You can contact me on live chat window which is prompted as soon as you visit the page. You can also browse the website and upload your statistical assignment directly under the suitable heading. In the case, you are feeling like having an open conversation you can do live chat or catch me on my mobile:+1 469-522-3378. It becomes easy for me to understand your project when you mail it to [email protected].
There might be instances when I am not free to receive your request but I have a backup team who takes care of all my clients and conversations. So remember all you need to do is: CALL, CHAT, UPLOAD or MAIL


Short Turnaround
I will get back to you at earliest; usually, it is 30 minutes to 1 hour. I don’t like my students waiting especially when I myself believe that time is money.
To be honest I impatiently wait for my students to come up with their statistics problems and feel satisfied when I am able to solve it for them in the least expected time. In fact, I ask my students to choose the desired deadline.

I check up my schedule and confirm it before taking the work so that there is no misunderstanding or confusion between us. If in any case, I am not able to complete my task on time I prefer to intimate my students beforehand or make arrangments with my fellow friends. By no means, I have ever let down any student. Prior intimation gives them chance to make arrangements elsewhere or ask for grace time from their professors.
Proper feedback and call on request are done to save student’s time and energy. I value others patience and am committed to working towards it. You can refer me to your friends too, I can handle many projects at a time. My support system is my friends, family and my students.

My Objectives
I started this work with very clear, objective in my mind that is to create a foundation, where students get statistics homework help and statistics, help online. These statistics help forum will help and create the better understanding of the subject amongst the students and will be considered as the best statistics homework solver.
Statistics help chat section was especially embedded to create the instant response and ensure that work is done at earliest. I stand highly elated when my students secure high grades that too not only on mark sheet but in every aspect of their life. Most of the students call for an explanation of homework which takes them one step ahead of their fellow mates and gives a good impression amongst their teachers.

Unique Work
My work stands unique even if the same topic is given by you and your friend there will be the vast difference between your projects. An important point to note is that I initially ask my students regarding the type of content and basic ideas related to their need, in case if the student is not so sure of the project idea
I recommend some topics and their relative probability to achieve good grades. I also have extensive experience in essay writing, so I know why logic is more important in essay writing than creativity, which might interest you. I also believe that project should be student-oriented and not topic oriented. What is there already in books can be used to determine the length of the project but what is actually seen into is the innovation that a student has brought in that topic. Statistics homework help involves an understanding of the concept as well as implementation in the real world.

The following areas of Statistics in which i provide homework help
Actuarial science, Biostatistics, Business, Chemometrics, Demography, Econometrics, Epidemiology, Geostatistics, Operational Research, Population ecology, Psychometrics, Psychology

I can assist with the following software:
ALEKS, DevInfo, PAW – FORTRAN, KNIME, Blackboard, SCaVis, ROOT, MyStatLab, MathXLMyMathLab, Aplia
Microsoft Office, VirtualBox, Derive, GSP SketchPad, Maple, Minitab, Java SDK, Netbeans, Eclipse Classic, Textpad, Visual UML, Microsoft Visual, Borland Turbo, R, Statdisk, Graphmatica, DDXL

Upload your assignment details at our website enquiry form or mail it to me at [email protected] You can call me at +1 469-522-3378. I always receive calls when I am available, In case I don't receive it then you can call again. My Customer Support Team is available 24X7 on live chat.In case you don't find me live on skype or not receiving calls then you can always discuss your requirements with them.


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