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ORDER: 26254 Topic: Communication Strategies Pages: 2 Sources: 4 Format: APA 


Describe a situation where you witnessed inappropriate or unethical communication. The situation does not have to be in a work environment.

In your paper, respond to the questions below:

Was anything said or done as a result of the communication? If so, explain what was done and by whom and whether you agree with the action that was taken. If no action was taken, what do you believe should have been done? -Based on the reliable outside research if applicable, what action(s) would have helped this situation?

Note: from the total of 4 sources requested, include at least 2 scholarly sources. 


Communication Strategies - Unethical communication

Communication skills form an essential element in all fields and domains. They help transfer ideas and thoughts and bring clarity in strategies and actions to be taken. Communication becomes extremely essential in the workplace for the purpose of forming teams and carrying out work. Effective communication helps ensure better efficiency at work in all domains. It is important that entrepreneurs, employees, managers, and other internal stakeholders in an organization build good communication skills as this can help boost clarity and positivity at the workplace. If people are better skilled to understand what others expect and what they think, it is easier to avoid conflicts to a great extent. Ethics in communication is extremely crucial. 

Unauthorized use of customer details or personal data for the purpose of marketing or sales and customer hunting is an example of unethical communication. We have all come across several such instances wherein we get cold calls on our registered mobile or we receive marketing emails in our mailbox from numbers and ids which are not recognized by us. Many times we wonder how the person or company on the other end obtained our information. The information privacy law restricts unauthorized usage of personal data (Greenleaf, Graham, 2014).

In one of the instances of cold calls, the other person on call knew the names of each and every family member of mine. That was quite disturbing and led me to feel alarmed about how the person received so many details about my family and my whereabouts. As the person was trying to sell an online membership, he went on explaining how it could benefit me and my family and what it had to offer for each of the age groups in my family.

I reported this to the company's head office from where I had received the call. To my surprise, they were not even aware that their employees were using an insurance company database for marketing purposes. This was absolutely unauthorized and did tarnish the company's name. Strict action was promised against the employee and the concerned department (Greenleaf, Graham., 2014).

In the present globalized world, communicating has become a crucial aspect. This gives relevance to the need for effective communication or human interaction. Effective communication among people can bring clarity of shared information, elimination of misunderstandings and conflicts among people, improved business operations, and a smooth work environment.

Ethics forms a very important aspect of communication. It helps establish trust and ensure the legality of the communication purpose. Unauthorized usage and selling of personal information are not ethical. Strict measures are required for protecting information privacy at all levels (Lowenthal, Bonnie, 2014). 

Understanding expectations helps build an effective level of coordination and synergy within the organization. It helps create better growth as well as ensure better efficiency in understanding job roles within the organization. It is possible to build an effective level of communication within the organization by focusing on expectations and evaluating better avenues (Reitman, Rainey, 2006). 

Cross-functional teams are those wherein members from different functions come together for the purpose of ensuring that they gather all the skills and resources that are required for the completion of a project. This helps them benefit from forming a cross-functional team since synergies are created across the organization and the project or task can be successfully completed. This helps ensure that there are effective levels of balance in the skills and resources that are required for completing the project. Overriding of ethics by one department can tarnish the whole organization. 



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