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Business Economics

Business economics can be defined as a field that applies economic concepts to practical business situations and problems. The term contains a certain ambiguity in its entire scope which is somewhat similar to managerial economics and industrial economics. However, the latter are subsets of the former subject of the business aspect, just like management and industry are different aspects of a business. Hence, business economics can be said to have a much wider scope than the others which is in turn considered to be a part of applied economics. Through the application of economic theory and principles to business policies and dynamics, business economics examines the relationship between them in the prevalent business and market environment.


Let us examine some of the main concerns of this field:



Firms are an important business unit in any economic field. Their relationship with the economy and society mutually affects both. Business economics examines the organization's management and strategy of firms in terms of the maximum profit motive and social welfare.


Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs establish organizations and businesses and business economics evaluates this idea of this entrepreneurial quality through economic principles and models. Entrepreneurship as a concept is also studied to understand the causes and effects of entrepreneurship.


Organizational Structure and Its Importance

The structuring of an organization is bound to have a significant impact on the performance of business operations. Organizations and their environments depend on organizational objectives and goals. Business economics examines how this factor plays a role in the economic productivity of firms.


Working Relationship between Firms and Employees

Labor is an essential part of the resources that a firm must employ for the generation of value and output. Hence, business economics focuses on how the relationship between the two affects the productivity and efficacy of business activity.


Relationship with Capital Providers

Capital is essential for the operation of a business. Thus, the relationship between the providers of capital and the administration or management of the business would have an impact on the firm’s actions and performance. Business economics examines this relationship taking the business environment and organizational size and structure into consideration.


Relationship with Customers

A firm needs to be able to satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers. Also, marketing ingratiates products into people’s lives and become an integral part of them. Thus, intangible assets like goodwill, brand image and loyalty become factors. Business economics examines how this relationship affects the working of the firm.


Influences and Relationship with the Government

Every business has to abide by a certain legal framework within which it must operate. Therefore, the relationship between the government and the business will have a significant influence on its overall performance and composition. Business economics studies these effects and influences on the firms.


Business Environment

The business environment affects the nature, scope, and profitability of the business. Business economics examines the economic aspects of this relationship and its consequences for all concerned parties.

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