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Business Ethics

Business ethics are also known as corporate ethics. Business ethics mean the study of policies, practices such as corporate governance, bribery, discrimination, Corporate Social Responsibility, fiduciary responsibilities which are often guided by law. A form of professional ethics to examine ethics principals and morals that occur in any business culture. Business ethics are mainly applied to know what is right and what is wrong in the workplace. Business ethics followed to study the business behavior standards which promote human welfare and the good.

International Trade Association defines business ethics as “responsible business conduct”. Business ethics provide a detailed structure for any organization to function in the market. These can be written or unwritten moral standards that set the behavior of the organization towards the market, consumer, society, and nature. They vary from organization to organization due to the variations in their culture, operation, structure, and strategy. These ethics give a clear view of determining the difference between the right actions and wrong decisions. Business ethics are highly recommended in this age of global business.

In this twenty-first-century market place, there is a need for effective ethical business processes and strategies. Keeping this in view, nowadays, many organizations, corporations have established their ethics panel, the board of ethical review, ethical codes to meet out the better ethical strength and practices. Globalization has brought overseas businesses close to each other. So ethical norms are always in conflict. If the organization has expanded its business from the home market to overseas markets, it must know the culture, rules, and principles of that market.

Every organization has some code of conduct. These are written collections of some defined principles, values, rules, regulations, relationships and behavior. These codes of conduct are considered to be significant and are fundamental for successful organizational operation.

Ethical problems arise under technical considerations in an organization if there is no clear strategy towards business ethics. Followings are some common ethical issues on the basis of study:


Fundamental issues: Trust and integrity remain the most essential and fundamental issues everywhere. Integrity means how to conduct business affairs honestly and commitment to treating the customer fairly. There should be a relationship between the customer and the organization based on trust and faith, which may be a key determinate to the organization’s success.

Diversity issues: Organizations need to know ethical issues with diversity. This whole world is full of different cultures and people. Equal opportunities should uniform for the complete workforce to maintain a healthy workforce environment and culture.

Decision-making issues: The decision-making processes should be employee’s protection and customer rights oriented to ensure that every business function is fair enough.

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