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Business Process Management:

Business process management involves studying, maintaining, controlling and managing the processes on which a business runs. A systematic approach and effective methodology for planning the operations more effective, efficient and capable in times of crisis to ensure that the processes are efficient and effective, which will result in a better and more cost-efficient is business process management (BPM).

Business process management (BPM) covers how to study, identify and monitor business processes, making sure that they are functioning properly and can be improved in the future. It creates a bridge between other business processes. It forms the foundation for organizational and IT initiatives which aim at improving the value-added network within the companies and their suppliers. It mainly includes supply chain management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, etc. It can be known as ‘process optimization process’ sometimes, due to its continuously improving processes. The multiple inputs of Business process management (BPM) can be people and processes. An organizational process has a set objective that is achieved through a certain action. BPM process is a continuous process that is based on the nature of the process i.e. complex or simple, number of steps and number of systems involved.


How does it function?

For the functioning of an effective Business Process Management, the following steps are required:

Designing: This step involves planning the preparation for an effective and efficient design.
Modeling: This step introduces variants to the design process to know the effect of different circumstances on the process.
Execution: Execution of the process with automated activities and human intervention.
Optimization: Process optimization on the basis of performance information.

Business process management is necessary to increase the transparency of the product in terms of increasing the process transparency. It further helps in product quality improvement with business promotion in a very constructive manner. It implies the strategies which are cost-effective. By means of Business process management all the challenges, risks and change can be managed and coordinated.

In this age of rapidly changing market, an organization needs to care about Business process management (BPM). All the central and main business activities in the organization are identified and documented around BPM. Day by day, global competition is increasing so BPM should also focus on global business. It’s a connecting link between the people, the technology and the processes to improve organizational performance and the customer’s value. So there must be effective strategies for business processes like highly and technically developed, effectively monitored to be successful. The current market environment is rapidly changing and in this context, it becomes a key strategy for any organization to structure effective strategies.

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