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Statistics can be defined as the study of the collection and organization as well as analysis and interpretation. It is mainly used for the presentation of the data. It can deal with all aspects of data including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of a statistical survey. It can also deal with experimental design.

Statistical methods can summarize as well as describe a collection of data which is known as descriptive statistics. This is a useful tool mainly in communicating the results of experiments as well as research. In addition, data patterns may be regarded as a mathematical model that accounts for randomness as well as uncertainty in the observations.

The most usual kind of goal for a statistical scientific research project is to analyze causality so on drawing conclusions on the effect of changes within the values of other predictor variables. There are two major types of causal statistical studies that are controlled experiment as well as an observational study. In this, both types of studies, the effect of differences of an independent variable or “independent variables” on the behavior of the dependent variable are observed which shows the difference between the two to three types lies in how the study is actually conducted.


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The steps of a statistical experiment are as follows:

  • Planning the research which incorporates finding the total number of replicates of the study using information like preliminary estimates regarding the dimensions of treatment effect and therefore the alternative hypothesis also as experimental error. 

  • Design of experiments using blocking so as to reduce the influence of confounding variable as well as the randomized assignment of treatments to subjects. This is to allow bias of an estimator of treatments to subject to allow bias of an estimator of treatment effects as well as experimental error. At this stage, statisticians write the protocols which guide the performance of the experiment.

  • Performing the experiment following the protocol as well as the analysis of variance.
  • The data set is examined in secondary analyses that suggest new hypotheses that have to be studied in the future.
  • Documenting as well as presenting the results of the study.


Statisticians improve data quality by developing the specific design of experiments as well as survey sampling. Statistics provides tools for prediction as well as forecasting the use of data and statistical model.

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