There is a makeover in the world after the digital technology advances and innovations like the advent of the computer, internet, wireless technology and the invention of Human-level Artificial intelligence in robotics possibly by 2030. With the latest trends in Cryptocurrency computation, Machine learning, Bots, Analytics. These design, development, and analysis of software technologies are the products of computer science.

When the computer is invented, it has been criticized that it is just box but this box is creating wonder all around us. While talking about computer science this not only deals with the study of computers but it gives a practical approach to computation and its applications.

Computer science can be viewed in two ways namely theoretical computer science and applied computer science. Theoretical computer science deals with both classical theory of computation and wider aspects like abstract, logical and mathematical aspects of computing. Whereas applied computer science deals with goal-oriented processes such as problem-solving, decision making, environmental adaptation, etc. The branches like artificial intelligence, software development is also making great progress these years.

Computer science also called Information Science as an elective created great hype among youngsters. Many dreams to become a software professional as it provides both respect and faster growth, high salary package and other opportunities like the chance to work in a foreign country.

More creative fields like animation courses, Robotics also added a feather to the glory and usage of computers. Nowadays, it has been compulsory for all the employees Whatever may be the designation of the basic knowledge of computers is a must. Many of the government schemes have made the efficient use of information science.

The usage of computer science in our daily life as not only made our work faster but also made our work easier. The quality of the output that we get is high and improving day by day due to technological up-gradation.

From the carrier point of view, there are numerous opportunities from an entry-level job like computer operators to IT professionals. The job opportunities are not limited to It hubs like Bangalore, Chennai and other places now it is slowly spreading its tentacles all over the country

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