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What is Consumer Behavior?

We all are consumers. We all buy products or services for our daily use. We buy these products or services depending on our requirements, time, mood, price and social status. We make decisions on buying things accordingly, depending on our perception, self-concept, social and cultural background, attitudes, personality, etc.

Consumer behavior is defined as the behavior that consumer shows for buying, using, evaluating the products and services that satisfy their needs. It focuses on how people make decisions on products or services with the help of their resources like time, money, effort, etc. During festive seasons, like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, the buy tendencies of the consumer's increases as compared to normal days.

A detailed study of consumer behavior is important for the business which includes what they buy, how, where, when they buy and how they evaluate after buying, what is their response after buying, feedback. This study is of great interest to marketers.

There is a difference between the terms ‘consumer’ and ‘customer’. ‘Customer’ is one who buys the product or service while ‘consumer’ is one who consumes those product services, means who use them. For example, in a family, the family head buys a refrigerator, car or a TV and the whole of the family uses the products. So their family head is a customer and the family members are consumers. There is a number of factors that can influence the consumer and his lifestyle including social status, household factors, cultural-sub cultural, values, reference groups, demographical factors and also the internal makeup which are consumer’s emotions, personality motives of buying, perception, and learning.


Consumer Behavior Assignment Help USA

Marketing research depends on the assumptions which are based on consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is very complex and dynamic. It is a multidimensional process. A company conducts market researches in order to understand the likes and dislikes of the consumer, where it focuses on the following questions:

- What does the consumer think about the products or services offered by the company

- What does the consumer think about the products or services offered by the company’s competitors?

- How can the company improve the product according to consumer behavior?

- How does the consumer use the product?

- What does the consumer think about Marketer' products?

- Is the consumer satisfied with the product and the way it is advertised?


The existence of a market depends on the satisfaction of its consumers. Companies need to develop their strategic marketing and planning which should focus on consumer research. Consumer research describes what tools and techniques should be applied to studying consumer behavior. Studying consumer behavior is a branch which is often associated with psychological marketing.

In order to understand consumer behavior, the first company should do market analysis, which depends on the understanding of the 4 – Cs, which are consumers, Conditions, Competitors, and Company. Companies need to conduct a study that focuses to provide superior customer value, being the main company objectives. In order to deliver the best customer values, companies need to understand the basic needs of the consumer, his response towards the company’s product with respect to its competitors.

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