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What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is the field of finance which deals with financial decisions that business enterprises make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions. The main role of a finance manager mainly includes dealing with capital i.e. how to enhance cash flow management and how to use or allocating the money keeping in mind the maximization of shareholder value as the long term goal.


The three main areas of concerns of Corporate finance are:

Capital Budgeting: Which long-term capital investments should the firm take?
Capital Structure: What type of plan will be implemented accordingly by the firm to get long-term financing to pay for its investments? Also, what is the best mix of debt and equity should it use to fund operations?
Working Capital Management: How to manage the objective of day to day financial activities to smoothly run the business?

Corporate Finance includes:

1) Finance Planning
2) Raising the finance
3) Finance Investment
4) Finance Monitoring

The finance manager takes the concern decisions for the above areas keeping in mind the goal of financial management. The goal of financial management in a for-profit business is to make decisions that increase the value of the stock, or, more generally, increasing the market value of the equity. There is the possibility of conflicts between stockholders and management in a large corporation. These conflicts are called agency problems.


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F) Types of Financial Markets
G) Roles of Financial Markets
H) Investment and Financing Principle


Corporate finance and business finance are both different terms. Business finance is all about finance related to the business such as the partnership between firms, joint-stock companies, and sole traders.

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