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Econometrics can be defined as the application of statistical as well as mathematical theories to economics. This is applied for the purpose of testing hypotheses as well as for forecasting future trends. Econometrics takes economic models and later afterward tests them through statistical trials and therefore the results are then compared and contrasted against real-life examples. "the existence of quantitative is that the systematic research analysis process of actual measurable economic phenomena and entities. This is based on the concurrent combination development of substantive theory as well as observational, related by appropriate methods of statistical inference." 

Econometrics is the unification of economics and mathematics as well as statistics as this unification produces more than the sum of its parts. Econometrics is also able to add empirical content to economic theory allowing theories to be tested. This is later used for forecasting and policy evaluation.


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The basic tool for contemporary econometrics is the multiple Linear regression model and in modern econometrics and graphical data analysis, other statistical tools are widely used. Linear regression is still the most regularly used starting point for factor analysis. It is also possible to estimate a linear regression on two variables which can be visualized as fitting a line through data points. This will represent the paired values of the independent as well as dependent variables.

Econometric assignment theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics uses statistical theory to evaluate and develop econometric techniques and so econometricians try to construct estimators that have desirable statistical formal properties. This includes Bias of estimator and efficiency as well as a consistent estimator. An estimator is unbiased but not consistent if its expected value is the true value of the parameter and it is consistent if it converges to the true value as the sample size gets larger. It is considered to be efficient if the estimator has a lower standard error than other unbiased estimators for a given sample size.

Econometrics homework may use standard statistical models to study economic questions, but they are with observational study data, rather than in experiments. In this, the design of prospective observational studies in econometrics models is similar to the design of studies in other observational range of disciplines. This is very similar to the design in principles such as astronomy and epidemiology as well as sociology and political science. Though exploratory data analysis may be useful for generating new hypotheses, analysis of data from an observational study is guided by the study protocol.

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