The term financial modeling implies that the firm or the company in question is undergoing a process by which it would have a financial representation of some kind that would help it to make the most the monetary and other kinds of resources that are at its disposal. This is done by a team of hired market-experts who usually perform calculations based on available figures of all kinds of aspects of the company. A similar process that usually is observed as being followed after the above step is when the present financial structure that was being followed at the company is now being reconstructed. This is a process that involves lengthy calculations by various trained market experts who would then make their recommendations based on the results that they arrive at.

Further the aspects that financial modeling covers may be some or all, of the business company. The process may or may not involve the usage of specialized computer software or it may be done manually. The prime aspects that the process takes into consideration are the returns on investment that the company is presently reaping. An example of the investment return is the Sortino ratio. Another aspect that is covered as per the process of financial modeling is the aspect of estimate market direction that is exemplified by the Fed model that is observed in many places. The Sortino ratio is similar to the Sharpe ratio that is performed by market experts or research analysts to measure the performance of the business venture, taking into consideration the various kinds of risks that every business is exposed to. This is known as the risk-adjusted performance of the business.

This process is performed by trained experts who are specialists in calculating the rate of returns that the company has been observing and how this may be bettered with minimal efforts and incurring minimal additional costs. They are trained experts in the field investment banking and corporate finance and the term is almost similar to the process of cash flow forecasting. This is also basically determining the investment returns that will be generated by the venture or the company as a whole and how this rate may be bettered. This process involves the usage of important techniques such as business valuation techniques such as the discounted cash flow especially. Other processes that are involved are the processes of scenario planning; capital budgeting, that is itself a vast subject and area; calculations to know the cost of the capital: that is the interest that the business would have to pay, to borrow capital resources; financial analysis through the process of financial statement analysis and the process of project finance. These techniques or methods are all used in discrete time.

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