Human Resource Management comprises multiple functions, but the key function is to decide what kind of serving/ staffing you need and what alternative options you can utilize. Hiring new employees, training, performance, management practices and other activities is a part of human resource management.

The HRM related functions mostly are confused with HRD (human resource development). The most debated issue regarding HRM is where it should stand in large organizations. Students in their academic career need to write essays and assignments on Human Resource Management.


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an approach to the management of the most precious and valued assets of an organization. Employees and workers are supposed to be the valued assets who individually or collectively contribute towards the development and accomplishment of an organization. It is more about people’s management. So, an HRM dissertation should be written on topics that define the HRM process. The HRM dissertation should evaluate the sole purpose of Human Resource Management. There has to be a strong topic for writing an HRM dissertation that could simplify the meanings of HRM for students. In simpler meanings HRM is about:

• Developing and employing people and resources
• Using, maintaining and paying for services 

The main features are

• Management of Organisation
• Personnel administration
• Management of Manpower
• Management of industry

The academic theory is that there is a need for examining interdisciplinary employees at work. Usually, HRM scheme is defined on the basis of four fields:

• A strategic business partner
• Administration
• A change in management
• Champion employee 

Human Resource Management is a subject related to people, their psychology, behavior, and sociology. So, it’s a discipline with a difference that is must for organizations

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