Information Technology is a study of the development, implementation, design, and management of information that is based on computers; specifically hardware and software applications. It deals with storing, converting, processing, protecting, and transmitting the retrieved information safely.

IT has become a vast field that includes networking, management of data, computer hardware engineering, software, and database designing, along with administration and management of whole systems.

IT is the result of combining communication with computer technologies. It is a term that describes manipulation, communication, storing and disseminating information. As the word suggests the meaning, is computer usage and associated information.

An IT essay or dissertation can deliver the actual meaning of the term. There are numerous topics on which an IT dissertation or essay can be written. The purposes that IT serves, can give an A+ on writing IT dissertation. It can be simplified by projecting newer details of the discipline.

IT now refers to an entire industry, which is sometimes called Management Information Services. In large organizations, IT has become an important part and is given a special department for it.

The popular skills that are associated with Information Technology are:

• Computer Networking
• Linux
• Information Security
• IT governance
• Business Intelligence
• Unix
• Project Management

These skills can become great IT dissertations and assignments topics, by evaluating the terms and their meanings. Students may found it interesting to know the latest development in the field and skills of IT. Students are required to proofread their IT dissertation and ensure relevant and detailed information delivery through their IT dissertation

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