You might have definitely studied the Kalman filter in statistics. This technique is named under a mathematician Kalman Rudolf. The main purpose of this technique is to do the measurements of noise and many other different types of inaccuracies. This will be producing values that are very closer to true values and calculating them is also not so difficult. This technique has got numerous applications in military and space technology development. It is considered a very important part of this technology development. If you want to understand this technique in a more elaborate way then you will be required to take the example of a locked phase loop. This finds application in many types of equipment of electronic communications as well as in FM radios too. Different generalizations and extensions to this method have been developed. This technique is also used for the purpose of computing the weighted average. The maximum weightage is given to those values which will be having the least certainty.

In fact, this filter Kalman is an algorithm that is used in the dynamical linear system which is also used in the Bayesian model and this is similar to the Markov hidden model. All the observed and latent variables are having the Gaussian distribution or the Gaussian multivariate distribution. Apart from Rudolf Kalman, there are many other scientists which are associated with this theory of Kalman filter.

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Thorvald Nicoli and P. Swerling are the two names that had also developed almost the same algorithm. In fact, the whole of the credit has been given to the F.Schmidt. The reason behind this is that this scientist had visited the NASA research center and it was at this time that this scientist saw that its ideas can be applied to the trajectory application problems. These problems were being faced by the NASA research center for the Apollo program. These scientists have also described this theory in their technical papers which got published in the year 1958.

These filters are very important in the implementation of navigation systems. These are also used for the implementation of ballistic nuclear missile submarines. This also finds application in the cruise missiles navigation systems guidance. You will find that this filter technique also finds application in the space shuttle of NASA as well as for controlling the navigation systems which are used in the international station of space. You can also call this filter as a digital filter or Kalman Stratonovick Bucy filter.

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The reason behind these names is that these are non-linear filters which are developed by a Soviet mathematician famous as Stratonovich. This filter also makes use of the dynamics system model. These are used for the purpose of controlling inputs in the system as well as for doing the measurements too. You can also think of it as a sensor common fusion algorithm. You should ensure that all the calculations, as well as measurements, are done, should be based on the same degree. If there is a slight difference also in the estimations then all the calculations are done will be wrong.

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