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MATLAB can be described as a high-level language as well as an interactive environment for numerical computation and visualization as well as programming. Using MATLAB, it is possible to analyze data and develop algorithms. Using MATLAB, it is possible to create models and applications. It is a high-level language tool, as well as built-in math functions, enable the user to explore multiple approaches and reach an answer faster than with modern spreadsheets. It is much faster than traditional programming languages such as C/C++ or Java.

MATLAB is often used for a large range of applications from data science to digital signal processing and communications and digital image and video processing additionally as control systems and tests and measurement. It is also used in computational financial modeling as well as in computational biology. More than a million engineers, as well as scientists in industry and academia, use Matlab because this language is considered as the language of technical computing.

MATLAB is a numerical analysis environment and four GLS developed by MathWorks. This allows matrix manipulations and plotting of function and data. It allows the implementation of algorithms as well as the creation of the interface. Though this is intended primarily for numerical computing, an optional toolbox uses the MuPAD computer algebra system. This allows access to symbolic computing capabilities. An additional package known as the Simulink adds graphical multi-domain simulation as well as model-based design for the dynamical systems as well as embedded systems.

MATLAB application is built around the MAT-LAB language. The use of MAT-LAB involves typing Matlab code into the Command Window. This is an interactive mathematical shell executing text files containing Matlab code as well as functional programming.

MATLAB has structure data types since all the variables in MatLab are arrays. A more satisfactory name for this is "structure array", where elements of the array have the same field names. In addition to this MATLAB supports dynamic field names.

MATLAB has classes, the syntax and calling conventions are significantly different from other languages where the MATLAB has value classes and reference classes. It depends on whether the class has handled as a super-class that is for reference classes or not for value classes.

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