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Don’t make the mistake of using unnecessary diction. Meaning, it is good to use an active vocabulary but don't overdo it. Especially, when you don’t know the meaning of the word your using, or if it doesn’t fit in your sentence. Over-smartness here can backfire. A word might be spelled correctly, but it might not be the word you intended to use in the essay. In the English language, the context of the word changes in the way it is used. Not all words mean the same in every situation. It may be spelled correctly and written in the right way but the meaning may very well be something else altogether. You wouldn’t want to make this blunder as it can totally negate your situation.

Also, if writing in complex sentence structure is not your style, don’t try to pull it off. A simple well-written MBA essay can also be in very good standing. Writing big complex sentences has to be practiced and be used to. If not executed correctly, your writing is meaningless. Repetition of ideas is also another mistake that can commonly be made in an MBA essay. Be sure to keep every idea and thought clear and precise. If the reader finds difficulty in understanding what you’re trying to say, you may lose his/her interest.

Be careful not to dump! These means don’t try to say too much and everything in your MBA essay. Be very relevant and selective. Don’t mention details about your professional career in your MBA essay. You can always give that information elsewhere on your application. Pretending to be someone else can not only be difficult but a clever and educated reader may easily see through your act. So just concentrate on being yourself, and things should be just fine.


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