Minitab is a statistics package that is developed by Pennsylvania State University in 1972 which is sold to Minitab Inc. Minitab is distributed by Minitab Inc which is headquartered in-state college, Pennsylvania.

Most of the textbooks come along with this Minitab statistics. As per the Minitab Inc, more students around the world use this software than any other software for statistics. It also claims it is more affordable to students and when it is comparing to excel it is much easier.

Minitab 16 produces two other products namely Quality trainer and quality companion. It is used in the statistics beginning classes and also in the companies for the preparation of charts and statistics. If you want to give a try for this product a free-trial copy for 30 days trial can be downloaded from the website. You can also opt for a product tour of Minitab 16 and two other products from this you can get to know this feature of the product before purchasing it.

We can export and import files in Minitab in several formats such as Excel (with an extension. Xls), Minitab projects (with an extension. mpg format) and Minitab worksheet files. The data which you enter is usually stored in rectangular files.

It can perform a variety of statistical methods including basic descriptive statistics, graphical displays, power/sample size calculations, ANOVA, simple and multiple regressions, random number generation, and some more advanced statistical analyses such as linear and logistic regression.

The following are the Uses of Minitab are:

  1. Data and File Management - spreadsheet for better data analysis
  2. Regression Analysis
  3. Power and Sample Size
  4. Tables and Graphs
  5. Multivariate Analysis - includes factor analysis, cluster analysis, correspondence analysis, etc.
  6. Nonparametric - various tests including sign test, runs test, Friedman test, etc.
  7. Time Series and Forecasting- tools that help show trends in data as well as predicting future values. Time series plots, exponential smoothing, trend analysis.
  8. Statistical Process Control
  9. Measurement System Analysis
  10. Analysis of Variance - to determine the difference between data points.

Minitab is also an integrated tool for managing Six Sigma and lean manufacturing projects which allows Minitab data to be combined with project management and governance tools and documents.

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