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What is Sales Management?

In daily life, we buy various products/services of our daily use. We buy these products/services by various modes i.e., by going to the shops or stores, online shopping or sometimes a company’s representative comes to our door. Their various steps are the company’s methods of doing sell of their products. Companies use their salespeople for the service of their customers.

The Foundation of a company’s success depends on the sales organization systems and processes.

Every company runs the business to gain profit. It puts efforts to attain the organizational objectives. Sales objectives are one of the most important objectives a company works for. Sales management involves the management of tools and techniques to provide services to customers.

The practical use of selling techniques for the benefit of the company is sales management. Simply, sales management is all about the management of sales. Sales management involves many steps such as advertisement, sales promotion, physical distribution, pricing, etc. Sales management is a combined process that combines planning, implementing, controlling sales programs. It evaluates, trains, motivates the sales force by recruiting them.

Sales Management Assignment Help USA

Sales management has four fundamental pillars, which are generally known as the 4Ps, product, price, promotion, and place. Though there are several other Ps are also there. But the main theory is on these 4 Ps. The sales manager is the person in the organization who manages, coordinates and administrates the sales management. A sales manager should be visionary with the following responsibilities:

Goal Setting: This means the overall sales goals of the organization. Goal setting means the basic goals that the organization has to decide on the sales procedure. Sales goals must be met though there should be a maintained balance.

Planning & Organizing: Once the sales goals are set, planning, budgeting, and organizing come into force. This is a time-dependent process, which means the planning and organizing which was done last year or last time, may not be effective this time.

Implementation: Implementation is the next step in the sales management process. Primary implementation activities are recruiting, training and setting compensation. Organizations should keep in mind that the implementation of the sales process should be managed more than just an event of training. It consists of staffing, designing territories and allocating sales efforts.

Recruiting: The recruitment of the sales force depends on the understanding of the customers and the market. Its task of the sales manager to bring people to the organizations, who are motivated and talented. It further follows training, talent management, and performance management.

An effective sales management should build the right strategies for sales by hiring the right team. Creation of the right compensation plans, territories, quotas, setting the right projections, team motivation, process management, training coaching, etc are some of the steps which should be followed and focused on while making strategies for the sales management. Sales management done in an organized way benefits the company in many ways as it improves staff quality. It improves product development, optimizes the distribution. It helps the organization to make better financial decisions.

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