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What is Service Marketing?

Out there in the market, there are many businesses, some selling products, whereas some selling the services. Service means the action of doing something, which is not a material thing i.e. service is largely tangible. A service can’t be seen, touched, heard. So it creates many challenges for the marketing manager.

The main challenge is to communicate the benefits of the service with the help of tangible imagery and ideas. Retail marketing is also now focusing on providing the best services to the customers. It combined approaches to sales management, market, and planning, marketing principles, etc.


Characteristics of a Service:

A service is composed of five defined characteristics:

-Lack of Ownership: Service can’t be owned or stored just like the product. They are used for a period of time. For example, when you a ticket to watch a movie in the theatre, you buy a service which will start at the beginning of the movie and will end with finishing the movie.

-Intangibility: Product can be touched, seen, felt. But services can’t be because service is an experience, not a physical product.

-Heterogeneity: Services being heterogeneous sometimes brings challenges to the firms. They need to ensure that they provide a consistent service. For example, two identical movie theatres may give different experiences to the audiences due to conditions that are not in control like weather conditions, the noise of other persons.

-Perishability: Services can’t be stored like a product. They become useless after their use. For example, you once buy a movie ticket and watch it. If you want to watch the movie in the theatre again, you will have to purchase the service again.

-Inseparability: You can take away a product from its producer but you can’t separate the services from the service providers. For example, a company providing interior designing services needs the company to design home for you.


Service Marketing Assignment Help USA

Just like traditional marketing of the product, service marketing has 7Ps.

-Product: The product in services is intangible, heterogeneous and perishable and inseparable.

-Pricing: Service pricing is different from the product as product pricing can be fixed on the basis of its raw material cost. In services, labor and overhead costs are also charged. In restaurants, the cost of food served as well as the service offered both are charged.

-Place: As service occurs with its production, so can’t be stored or located. A high quality dines restaurant is found often in the upscale market, outskirts of the city, whereas a holiday resort is located in the countryside.

-Promotion: The promotion of service differs from that of the product. Services can be promoted with products itself also_
-People: Service can’t be separated from the people providing it, so people are the main asset. Hence, customers know a restaurant on the basis of the food as well as for the service offered by its staff.

-Process: It includes how the services have to be delivered. Service providers have a service blueprint, including greeting and other phrases used by service staff.

-Physical Evidence: Services are intangible. Service providers use some tangible factors to satisfy customer’s experience. For example, restaurants spending money on decorations to attract the customer’s attention, hair saloons offering sofas and magazines.


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