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SPSS Statistics can be defined as a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of data.  It also contains predictive analytics tools for business users and analysts.  This is also useful for statistical programmers.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Standard Edition offers the core statistical procedures which are utilized by business managers and analysts.  This is mainly used to address fundamental business as well as research questions. This software contains tools that allow users to quickly view data and formulate hypotheses for additional testing.  This is used to carry out procedures to clarify relationships between variables and to create clusters as well as identify trends and make predictions. 

The IBM SPSS Statistics Standard edition includes the following key capabilities as Linear models.  It offers a variety of regression as well as advanced statistical procedures that are designed to fit the inherent characteristics of data describing complex relationships.  The second model is the Nonlinear models.  This provides the ability to apply more sophisticated models to data.  The third one is the simulation capabilities.  This helps the analysts to automatically model many possible outcomes when inputs are uncertain. It will also help in improving risk analysis as well as decision making.  Next, is customized tables which enable the users to simply understand their data and quickly summarize leads to different styles for various audiences.


SPSS Statistics supports the complete analytical process which helps the people to validate assumptions faster.  This will help the user to guide them in using the right statistical capability at the right time. It also offers analysts flexible access to make use of powerful analytical techniques, whatever is their expertise. Finally, it also helps the organizations to make use of most of their analytical resources.  This can be performed by scaling from the simplest to the most widespread initiative. With SPSS Statistics, organizations can streamline their data analysis as well as reporting processes. Instead of using multiple tools as well as resources, analysts can work within a single and integrated suite of products.  This simplifies the jobs of both the analysts as well as the managers.  This tool is very helpful to the organization’s technical support staff as well.

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