Statistics are utilized in writing about many topics and assignments often require analyzing supporting statistics or data. like any source  that you simply use in your assignments, reliability, and credibility are extremely important. you ought to always verify that the source of any statistics  you utilize is valid and reliable. The resources listed on these pages are identified by our librarians as generally reliable sources for statistical data, but  it's not an exhaustive list. you'll find additional reliable sources on your own.

Most federal (U.S.) statistics are collected from state  and native agencies as governed by the Code of Federal Regulations and U.S. Statutes. Crime-related and health statistics are samples of this. Use the federal websites if  you would like to search out information on over one state or locale. If you'd prefer to include a particular city/town or county in your search  that's not reported within the various statistics kept at the federal level, then look for the equivalent state or local agency.

Tips on Finding Statistics

Finding statistical data are often a small amount of a frightening task. Use the guidelines below to assist you along with your research.

Understand the terminology used. The terminology used when researching for education statistics is different from that used for medical statistics. make sure you recognize the proper terminology for what you're trying to find.

Search using topical keywords and be able to drill down into data tables. Start your exploration of statistical data with keywords. for instance, if  you're finding out literacy rates among females in an exceedingly specific region of the planet, you would possibly search using the terms "literacy and female"  then filter the results by country.

If research doesn't locate the information you're trying to find, try using browse functions. Many sources for statistics, especially governmental and non-governmental agencies, include a browse feature for statistics. Sometimes this function is often very useful in drilling all the way down to the resource you would like.

If you're searching during a library database, add the term "statistics" to your search. for instance, if you're searching during a library database for articles that include statistics on tobacco use among teens within us,you may look for "tobacco AND teenagers AND statistics".

Additional things to stay in mind:

Not all statistical data is obtainable for each period of time.
Data for a selected topic might not are collected until a specific period of time. for instance statistics on AIDS don't seem to be available until after  the first 1980s when it had been discovered.
If you're having trouble finding current data, it's going to be that the information has been gathered, but has not yet been published.

Data might not be available during a format that you simply want.
You won't always find that perfect table or chart to stick to your paper.
You may have to be compelled to download data sets and build your own understanding of the info.

Always check the unit of measure
Data is usually reported in thousands (000) or millions (000,000)
To compare data using different units, seek advice from your instructor.

For data reported in currency units, always verify the currency and therefore the base year.
Comparing countries requires data with an equivalent currency and base year
For the formulas to convert currencies or base years, seek advice from your instructor.


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