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What is Strategic Marketing and Planning

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need to develop a strategy that can meet out the demands of the market. Effective marketing needs a well-organized marketing strategy, which helps organizations define their vision, mission, and business goals. Market strategy affects the way organizations run their businesses.

There are two steps involved in developing an effective marketing strategy; identifying a target market and developing the marketing mix to hit the target. Strategic marketing planning is using the customer’s experience is what the company wants and needs to direct orders to succeed. Market segmentation is a key factor in strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing planning is a tool that helps the organization to create and implement effective marketing strategies, involving company promotion and company marketing. The company can use the strategic marketing plan to do daily business and in making short and long term decisions. Once a strategic marketing plan is implemented, it directs the company to tactical marketing where the business is conducted.


For understanding the business goals and developing a marketing strategy, the organization follows the following steps:

Which products can be profitable?
Which types of customers buy them?
What is the target market?
What is the sales process?
What will be the market challenges?


A marketing strategy has two major components:

How the company will target the competitive market
How the company will implement and manage the day to day operations.


Marketing strategies give companies directions. Organizations should have a methodology for processing day to day implementation of defined market strategy. Strategic marketing planning directs several marketing aspects of organizations.

The marketing strategies are planning to focus on the questions asked above. If the planning answers perfectly, then organizations move ahead implementing them on the basis of understanding the strategies that organizations have been implementing. The market plan helps an organization to identify how to put the defined strategic marketing into action, which further will define the budget and the deadlines.

Marketing planning recognizes the way to communicate with the customer through advertising, networking, and direct marketing, etc. Strategic marketing planning is future-oriented planning which gives outlines to the organization for further planning and developing strategies, reducing efforts and resources.


Strategic Marketing and Planning Assignment Help

A company’s brand is supported and communicated through the market place by the strategic marketing plan. The service or the product’s life up to some extent revolves around the way it has been introduced into the market and this depends on the nature of its marketing strategies and plans. A strategic marketing plan is a continuous process.

Companies make marketing plans according to the time and requirements like short term (one year) and long term (two or three years). An effective and successful marketing strategy depends on a thorough understanding of the customer which includes their needs and how organizations can satisfy their needs. It can be done by targeted market research on the basis of regular and two way communications. Marketing research will tell what the organization needs to target the customer, without wasting resources on others.


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