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Supply chain management assignment help

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Supply Chain Management

As this is the globalization edge, so there is a requirement of such global business too. Supply chain management in this context is now changed to supply chain management (SCM). Earlier due to lack of resources, the business was only restricted within the frontiers. But now due to advancements in internet technology, this whole world has shrunk to a small global village. Global supply chain management is directly linked to globalization. As a result, the world has become flatter and the supply chains longer, companies need to adopt better global supply chain management strategies. As the economy has been globalized, there is extreme competition in the market which leads to the production to be outsourced to highly skilled areas. So innovation in global supply chain management has become the soul of commercial survival and success.

The market all over the world is now a global market, where companies from different countries take part in the business which means that the competition is too fierce. In terms of international business, companies are dependent on each other. Like an automobile company depends on other small companies.


What is Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is a collection of information systems, international business, management science, marketing. It simply means sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of the products/services outside of the native market. It includes product procurement, product production, warehousing and finally distribution. Research studies show that alone transpiration of product accounts around 10% of the overall cost

As globalization has affected the market from top to bottom, the supply chain has also been changed to be international. Now, the business which was restricted within the frontiers of a country, how now become globalized. So there is always a need for outsourcing the products and services. Competition in the market has also contributed to the globalized supply chain. Rather than just focusing on simply a local or national orientation, it highly centers on the global aspect of the international business.

With advancements in technology, the business to has adopted the latest technologies. SCM has now become an essential part of any company’s commercial future. The companies now have expanded their business in the offshore markets. An effective global supply chain management system ensures that the customers get the cost-effective products/services faster and better worldwide.

In the success of any organization, its product/service plays an important role and this product/service depends highly on an effective supply chain management system and logistics. In order to sustain this globally competitive market, companies are now working with their international suppliers, by outsourcing and marketing to the consumers on a global scale. SCM basically orients towards the global business which enables students to achieve success.

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